Marinetek builds giant floating activity park in Gibraltar

The Bathing Pavilion in Gibraltar is one of the most prestigious projects Marinetek has undertaken since the company was founded in 1994.

Marinetek has secured a €4.4 million contract to build a gigantic floating Bathing Pavilion for the Government of Gibraltar. The project is a prestigious and unique addition to Marinetek’s Floating Solutions references and an impressive premier for the floating playgrounds concept it has jointly launched with Lappset.

Covering an area of 2,600m², the floating pavilion is the centrepiece of an activity park designed for a range of recreational and leisure activities. The floating element comprises four swimming pools, one with a jump tower; two outdoor exercise parks; a kids’ play park; a Parkour park; and a climbing wall in the shape of the iconic Rock of Gibraltar. It is complemented by a land-based boardwalk, sunbathing area, outdoor bar, changing room and green parks.

Marinetek will build the structure using its All Concrete floats, moored by newly introduced titanium hybrid Seaflex to ensure maximum lifespan. The exercise and playground equipment is being supplied by Lappset Group of Finland, a major player in the playground equipment market, and the FRP composite pool structures are manufactured by yet another Finnish company, Exel Composites. Construction work will be undertaken by local company Casais Gibraltar, a well established branch of the globally renowned Portuguese Casais construction group.

Health and wellbeing

The floating park has been designed by Marinetek’s lead designer, Timo Urala, who worked with an original idea put forward by
the Gibraltar Government. The government was keen to offer healthy lifestyle options to the public and to extend the existing Gasa
Swimming Association facilities. Activities have been designed for able bodied and disabled people of all ages. “It was a great opportunity to turn the various features into an impressive floating solution that will bring joy and wellbeing to many,” Urala said.

The floating park will also create new jobs locally and boost public access to the shoreline where land is scarce. The facility is ideal for year-round use due to Gibraltar’s subtropical Mediterranean climate of mild winters and warm summers.

Growth opportunities

The bathing pavilion, sold to Gibraltar in cooperation with Mediterranean partner Marinetek MED, is one of the top projects secured by Marinetek since the company was founded in 1994.

“Marinetek is delighted to be able to build this exciting project during such tough economic times,” explained Marinetek Group CEO, Ilkka Seppälä. “This is the kind of challenge we were looking for when we introduced our Floating Solution concept,” he added.

Sales Manager, Ville Frost, is equally positive. “This is a very complicated and high quality solution with great attention to detail,” he noted. “Our international team has been working since last autumn at full power to complete everything on time.”

The project opens up new growth opportunities for Marinetek outside of its internationally successful core business of building marinas. “We strongly believe that Floating Solutions are the future as this is the best way to develop the shoreline for community use,” Frost said. The Bathing Pavilion will open to the public in June 2014.