One thousand pontoons – and more


Marinetek’s Croatian subsidiary Marinetek NCP delivered a giant 20m long x 5m wide breakwater module with side keels in July that earned the company a double record. It was the 1,000th pontoon to be manufactured at the company’s Sibenik factory and was also the first of its type to be installed in the Mediterranean. Marinetek NCP Managing Director Boris Miskic discusses the journey.

Q: How did Marinetek NCP begin and what was your first project?

A: The company was established by NCP and Marinetek Finland in 2005. NCP was the former owner of Mandalina Marina, which it built primarily to accommodate its large charter fleet. This marina was thus our first project and we built the first pontoons in February 2006. Mandalina was developed over a six year period and remains our best reference. It now has 429 berths, 79 of which are for superyachts up to a maximum length of 140m

Q: How has your market area developed?

A: We are responsible for Marinetek projects in the eastern Mediterranean and have delivered pontoons to 13 countries in the region. Our best business, however, aside from in 2009/10 when there were economic problems, has been in Croatia. We’ve had five major projects in Italy and we are now focusing strongly on Montenegro. We also have potential projects in Albania for several private investors.

Q: Why do you think you’ve been so successful?

A: Aside from the very important fact that we offer quality products, our success is down to the fact that we have a strong local presence, a modern efficient factory and offer a full study for the client. This covers everything – the initial design, full costings and everything related to what goes in the water. Last year we exceeded budget significantly and this year we expect to do likewise.

Q: Can you tell us more about the 1,000th pontoon?

A: The M5320BRK is the biggest standard breakwater module that Marinetek offers; 5m wide with over three tonnes of steel reinforcement. It is one of several we are building to create the outer breakwater at the prestigious Portonovi Marina in Montenegro. The breakwater pontoon has been proven at marinas such as Aker Brygge in Norway and Palm Harbor Marina in Florida but has never been used in the Mediterranean before.

Q: How do you see the future for your market area?

A: More berths are needed in Croatia and more marinas are needed throughout the eastern Mediterranean. But some parts of the region are politically and economically unstable. Nautical business has definitely grown since the recession in Turkey, for example, but the key to the future lies in tourism. There is big potential in the Adriatic most particularly. I think we will have to be patient but the rewards will come.

Word from the Chairman:

Ilkka Seppälä, Chairman and CEO of Marinetek Group, is swift to acknowledge Boris Miskic’s personal role in ensuring that Marinetek NCP goes from strength to strength. “Boris is instrumental in the ongoing success at Marinetek NCP. From the outset he worked to spread the Marinetek name throughout the region and introduce the Marinetek brand as a high quality alternative to competitive systems,” Seppälä says. Marinetek NCP receives significant back-up and support from company headquarters in Finland. “We always offer our partner companies and subsidiaries all the engineering, manufacturing and logistics support they need and we are delighted that this cooperation has led to the successful completion of so many key Marinetek NCP projects in the eastern Mediterranean,” he adds.