The Story

Marinetek was founded in 1994 by Ilkka Seppälä and Markku Rantanen and swiftly expanded. The Marinetek Headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland, and the majority is owned by the management. We have a total of 15 subsidiaries and we can safely say we are the biggest, most experienced and most international marina and pontoon manufacturer in Europe. Marinetek has received numerous awards such as Company of the Year 2009 in Helsinki, Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 in Finland and Finnish Marine Industries Federation, Finnboat Association’s, Award for international success in 2011.


We believe a state of the art marina should guarantee long lasting safety, comfort and reliability for at least half a century. Our marinas can be trusted through changing times, in even the most challenging conditions. Our loyal customers understand this, and benefit from the incomparable quality we provide. It is quality you don’t have to worry about, quality that your customers will know you for. By choosing us, you choose ideal means for stable and smooth marina operation. We make marinas that you can trust, and be proud to own.



We understand all waters. That is where our passion lies. We know seas, oceans, lakes and rivers, and their unique challenges. We’ve dealt with currents, tides, winds and waves – the Arctic to the tropics and all over the world. Every marina is different, and we know how to achieve a perfect fit. We also understand your business, and know what you need to be successful. Our job is to listen,
and make every detail serve the big picture by building marinas that take everything into account. We provide a complete service for a successful process, from start to finish, and this is included in your investment.

That is what our expertise is about, and what our experience has perfected. We call it “float-how”. It is our unique combination of skill and knowledge.


We have mastered the art of building exceptional marinas out of concrete. Utilising big units of high strength concrete with thick walls and steel reinforcements, we achieve a unique capability to distribute mooring loads to the seabed. Strong and long lasting, concrete is the choice of practically every serious marina and waterfront developer. We deliver the benefits that concrete structures provide to marinas of all purposes and sizes. Our concrete solutions offer incomparable durability with practically no need for maintenance. You will retire one day, but your concrete marina will continue to offer reliable service.


We are proud of our marinas and our proven track record, but even more proud of the lasting relationships we build with our customers. We do it by listening, learning about their culture and exchanging insights. There isn’t a requirement or special request that our in-house designers and engineers haven’t been able to fulfil in the 30 years we have been in the business. Our 12 factories around the world are used to meeting the highest quality criteria, even with demanding schedules.



 Our customers comprise some of the finest, most demanding marina experts you will find. We trust them, and their testimonies, to tell you exactly why you should join them as part of the worldwide Marinetek family.

Adriatic Croatia International Club (ACI Club) is the biggest marina management company in Croatia and has 22 marinas all along the beautiful Croatian coast. For many years, ACI Club has found Marinetek to be a reliable partner and its “know-how, float-how” approach has always assured us of the best possible solutions, technology and quality. With Marinetek products, we can offer our customers a full service marina with no worries regarding quality or fears that equipment will not work properly. See ACI Slano Marina page 44 and ACI Rovinj Marina.

Kristijan Pavi´c
CEO, President of the Board
Adriatic Croatia International Club


As recently appointed C&N Technical Director, and having worked with Marinetek since January 2008, we have grown to acquire a long standing relationship in the design and construction of Marinas worldwide. Built using Marinetek heavy duty and all concrete pontoons, the wealth of knowledge, engineering expertise, and competent individuals we deal with on a regular basis, all auger well for continued future collaboration on several projects in more challenging environments. For examples of new Marinas recently completed or currently in build, designed entirely by C&N and supplied by Marinetek. See Grand Harbour Marina page 24, Port Louis Marina page 28, Limassol Marina page 32, Cesme Marina page 40 and Ana Marina.

Mathieu Salomon
Technical Director
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas


Marina Projects Ltd was appointed by the client to design and procure the Portonovi Marina installation. The scope of the marina works required a 180m floating breakwater, superyacht berths for vessels up to 70m and a general marina installation. Marinetek were successful during a competitive tender because of the close attention they paid to the tender requirements, including the Employer’s Specification. The pontoon solutions proposed delivered against, and in places exceeded, the requirements of the Performance Specification at a competitive price. Our evaluation of the combination of quality and price led to a clear recommendation to appoint Marinetek.

Throughout the programme of manufacture and installation Marinetek communicated clearly and were professional, flexible and accommodating. Not only did they take our design objectives and tender requirements through to a 5-star marina installation but they also delivered on time and under budget. See Marina Portonovi.

Mike Ward
Managing Director,
Marina Projects Ltd


Going back in time, 17 years in fact, I first used Marinetek products for the development of Grand Harbour Marina, Malta, which was completed in 2002. That installation continues to be serviced by Marinetek and from a serviceability and integrity point of view it remains as good as the day it was commissioned. Probably the most notable installation I have worked on using Marinetek’s products was the 650 berth Limassol Marina in Cyprus. Marinetek’s co-operation with me on some innovative design improvements led to what I believe is one of the best examples of a marina installation one could wish to see. As a long standing consultant to the industry, with a background in both design and operations I have entrusted Marinetek for several of my Client’s marina fit outs. Through the design and procurement processes, I have always received first class support from Marinetek, and the end result for my Clients has always been one of pride and satisfaction. Now in my role as a founding partner in Marina Solutions International, I look forward to continuing what has, for me, been a very productive relationship with Marinetek.

Bill Green
Marina Solutions International Ltd


Quality control

Marinetek guarantees high quality by working under many licenses, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management

ISO 14001 Environmental management

More information about the ISO-licenses can be found from the Finnish Standards Association SFS or International Organization for Standardization