About us

Marinetek is an internationally recognized brand name for premium marinas and advanced floating solutions. With the industry’s widest pontoon product range and our network of marina experts around the world, Marinetek meets the needs for building world-class marinas.

Marinetek offers concrete pontoons, breakwaters and marina equipment. Through collaborative partnerships, Marinetek provides its customers expertise and single source services from design, manufacturing and installation to maintenance and modernization of marinas.

It is not just about the size or volume. By listening to our customers’ needs and learning about their culture and values, the Marinetek team establishes lasting relationships that last a lifetime. Ultimately, our aim is to develop winning solutions that maximize the lifetime value of the marinas for our customers.

Operating in more than 45 and manufacturing in 9 countries, Marinetek has delivered more than 2500 marina references to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our Story

Marinetek was founded in 1994 by Ilkka Seppälä and Markku Rantanen who both already had more than a decade of experience in the marina industry, allowing a swift expansion of the company.

The core of Marinetek’s know-how was, and still is, in superior concrete pontoon structure and wave attenuation capabilities combined with extensive marina design experience. Marinetek’s pontoons were lighter than the competition without compromising durability, and at the same time excelled in functionality.

Through the mid-90’s Marinetek became the market leader in Finland and grew fast internationally. Marinetek extended its international distributor network, and started establishing its own subsidiaries in key markets. At the same time Marinetek also expanded its supply chain to a dozen countries through licensed manufacturing partnerships.

In 2005, Marinetek Adriatic was founded, and operations in Croatia started. Building on a strong position in Croatia, Marinatek Adriatic grew strongly across the Mediterranean. Only 13 years later, the company delivered its 100th marina project in the region.

A flagship, multi-year project at Palm Jumeirah Marinas in Dubai was finished in 2007. The 522-berth marina was at the time the largest marina project in the World and established Marinetek as a leading marina provider in the Middle East and made Marinetek world famous.

Marinetek’s operations extended into North America with the founding of Marinetek North America in 2008. Within the same year, the designing and building of Palm Harbor in Florida’s West Palm Beach began.

The first stage of the marina was completed in 2010 and it was immediately awarded as the Marina of the Year in Florida.

The first marina projects Marinetek delivered in Southeast Asia were completed in 2015. Phuket Yacht Haven in Thailand is widely regarded as the first port of choice for superyachts in the tropical Andaman sea. The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club marina on Hong Kong’s Kellet Island was built with fully custom-made pontoons to meet the complex specifications set by the Hong Kong authorities.

In 2021, CapMan, a leading Nordic private equity house, invested into Marinetek Group, to fuel the next wave of Marinetek’s expansion as a global leader in premium floating marinas. In 2022 the Marinetek has pushed forward a comprehensive agenda to further strengthen the company’s capabilities as well as efforts for improving social and environmental sustainability.

The expansion of Marinetek’s presence across all the main continents, combined with its track record of building reliable high-performance marinas and excellence in pontoon technology, Marinetek is a true global leader in the marina industry.

Headquartered in Finland, Marinetek operates 10 sales and production units across the world together with agent and distributor partners cover all the main marina markets across the World. The company has received numerous awards such as Company of the Year 2009 in Helsinki, Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 in Finland and Finnish Marine Industries Federation, Finnboat Association’s, Award for international success in 2011.



We believe a state of the art marina should guarantee long-lasting safety, comfort and reliability that lasts for decades. Our marinas can be relied on even in the most challenging conditions.

We are the trusted marina partner that provides best lifetime value for marina operators and developers worldwide. Our customers appreciate this, and benefit from the incomparable quality we provide. It is quality you don’t have to worry about and quality that your customers will know you for.

By choosing us, you choose ideal means for stable and smooth marina operation. We make marinas that you can trust with peace of mind.



We understand all waters. That is where our passion lies. We know oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, and their unique challenges. We’ve dealt with currents, tides, wind and waves – from the Arctic to the tropics and all over the world. Every marina is different, and we know how to achieve a perfect fit.

We understand your business, and know what you need to be successful. Our job is to listen and make every detail serve the big picture by building marinas that take everything into account – from technology to design, and layout to smooth daily operation.

There is hardly any requirement or a special request that our in-house designers and engineers haven’t been able to fulfill in the nearly three decades we have been in the marina industry. Be it a new marina solution or a marina modernization project, we provide a complete single source service for a successful process, from start to finish.

That is what our expertise is about. We call it “float-how”. It is our unique combination of skill, knowledge and experience.



We have mastered the art of building exceptional marinas out of concrete. Utilizing big units of high premium grade concrete and steel reinforcements, we achieve a unique capability to distribute mooring loads to the seabed.

Strong and long lasting, concrete is the choice of practically every world class marina and waterfront developer. We deliver the benefits that concrete structures provide to all kinds of marinas. Our factories around the world meet the highest quality criteria and demanding schedules.

Our concrete solutions offer incomparable durability with practically no need for maintenance. You will retire one day, but your floating concrete marina will continue to reliably serve its purpose long after.



We are committed to driving climate actions using science-based targets. We understand and regularly follow up the emission footprint across all our facilities and the entire supply chain. Our production is ISO 14001 certified.

We deliver the industry’s most durable marinas with long lifespan to minimize the ecological impact over the entire life cycle. We are committed to exploring product development opportunities to further reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and offering.

In addition to the environmental aspects of our offering and operations, our sustainability focus areas include safety, quality, diversity and satisfaction among our employees as well as social wellbeing in the communities we work with.



We are proud of our marinas and our proven track record, but even more proud of the long-lasting relationships we build with our customers. We do it by listening, learning about their culture and exchanging insights.

Our customers comprise some of the finest and most demanding marina experts in the world.

We appreciate their experience of our partnership and their testimonies, to tell you exactly why you should join them as part of the worldwide Marinetek family.

Over the past three decades, we have delivered more than 2500 marinas in more than 50 countries. We are proud of our international track record. It is an absolute endorsement to the high quality we provide.

Marinetek Management Team

Santeri Suoranta

President & CEO
Marinetek Group

Santeri joined Marinetek in 2022, and brings extensive experience in international project business to Marinetek Group. Previously he has worked at KONE corporation where he recently served in leadership roles in the firm’s Major Projects Division as Head of Service Business, New Equipment Business Director Asia Pacific and Head of Technology.

Santeri has been involved globally in “design to build projects” for high-rise buildings, infra medical facilities, and marine cruise ship projects. Earlier, Santeri worked in the aerospace industry on R&D projects, for example on structural parts of the Airbus A380.

He received his M.Sc. Eng. from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.

Jukka Tukia

Chief Financial Officer
Marinetek Group

Jukka has been Marinetek Group’s CFO since September 2023.

Jukka has extensive knowledge over wide range of industries. He has 10 years of M&A consulting experience from KPMG and Ernst & Young (EY) and over 12 years of CFO, HR Director and Business Controller experience from service, retail, logistics and construction industries.

Jukka holds a M.Sc. (Economics) degree from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland.

Valtteri Vauramo

Central & North Europe
Managing Director, Marinetek Finland

Valtteri is very experienced in all aspects of marina, breakwater and floating structure construction.

Valtteri worked earlier with Marinetek from 2002 to 2012 in various roles. In 2012 he relocated with his family the UAE where we worked for a local marina construction company. In 2020 Vauramo moved to Australia where he worked as General Manager at a local marina company, rotomoulding company and industrial floatation branch.

Valtteri returned to Finland and Marinetek in 2023 to manage Central and North Europe business operations. In October 2023, Valtteri took the position of Managing Director of Marinetek Finland.

Valtteri brings a wealth of international experience in the marina construction business back to Marinetek. He holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Markku Rantanen

Central & North Europe
Director, Marinetek Finland

Markku co-founded Marinetek with Ilkka Seppälä in 1994.

Markku started working in the marina industry already in 1983, during his studies for a degree in Civil Engineering at the Technical College of Tampere, Finland. Since that he has been working on numerous marina projects globally.

His extensive knowledge and expertise of engineering and marina design helps the company meet each client´s needs. Markku’s special expertise includes anchoring systems, evaluation of the design criteria, sales services and project management.

Andrzej Tusinski

Middle East & Africa
General Manager, Marinetek Contracting

Andrzej is a Marine Engineering professional with over 15 years’ experience in delivering projects across Europe, South-East Asia and Middle East. Throughout his career he has been responsible for engineering design, project management and construction supervision of various waterfront developments including marinas for recreational and commercial use.

He joined Marinetek in 2022, and led the UAE based team in delivering of several projects for the design, manufacturing, and installation of marina pontoons – among others, for the marina at the Red Sea comprising over 300 berths. He was also engaged in business development activities, as well as the development of commercial and business strategies for the company’s operations in the region.

Andrzej holds a double master’s degree (MSc) in Hydraulic Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and in Water Resource Management from the National University of Singapore.

Boris Miškić

Managing Director, Marinetek Adriatic

Boris has spent his entire working life in the nautical business, starting as the manager in a charter company. By moving to a commercial shipyard as the Commercial – Technical Director, he participated in the transformation from an exclusively naval shipyard into a shipyard specializing in the repair and the maintenance of superyachts.

As the director of the project for the development of the first Croatian marina for mega yachts, the Mandalina marina in Šibenik, and as its first director, he introduced new standards and elements in the design of marinas in Croatia.

Since 2005, as Managing Director of Marinetek Croatia, Boris has been leading an experienced team in marina development, from producing pontoons to marina designs, project management and oversight of the installation of new recreational marinas. He has participated in over 120 marina projects, from development to construction, expansion and reconstruction of ports and marinas, in 14 Mediterranean countries.

John Dunham

North America
President, Marinetek North America

John has over 20 years experience in the marine industry and project management. He has been involved in a wide range of projects, ranging from residential level projects to full scale marinas with 1,200 slips.

John has been involved in projects throughout the United States in various stages from planning and development, financial, installations, storm damage assessment and repair.

Danat Petrenko

Central & North Europe
Managing Director, Marinetek Latvia

Danat is co-founder of Marinetek Latvia and in 2004 joined the Marinetek group as a Technical Director in Kekava, Latvia.

Danat has been responsible for implementing technical and engineering strategies to ensure that a business runs smoothly and that overall targets and standards are observed and met.

He has been an integral part of Marinetek Latvia’s development and has also worked on the opening of a new factory in Olaine, Latvia. In 2013 Danat was promoted to Managing Director of Marinetek Latvia.

Prior to joining Marinetek Latvia, Danat worked in the metal industry for a number of years.

Gautama Dutta

Managing Director, Marinetek India

Gautama Dutta is a prominent personality of the Indian yachting industry. A former combat veteran and an accomplished sportsman, Gautama has been actively involved in the marine business for the last two decades. He founded Marine Solutions, India’s leading luxury yacht retailer, and has successfully diversified into other related marine business spaces of yacht charter and marinas.

Understanding and developing effective businesses strategies for new markets is Gautama’s strength. He is able to navigate businesses through teething challenges and build long term value for the companies. Gautama effectively runs business operations, hands-on style, a skill gained from his military experience.

Gautama has been based in Bombay since 2006 and has introduced the Marinetek floating concrete pontoon technology in India. As the Managing Director of Marinetek India, he has successfully delivered prestigious projects for the Govt of India and has created a strong good will and reputation for Marinetek name.

Gautama is an alumni of the prestigious Lawrence School, Sanawar and the National Defence Academy.

Henri Markus

Technical Director
Marinetek Group

Henri joined Marinetek in 1995 and has during the years been responsible for production, purchasing, costing, designing and R&D.

During 2011–2013 he established production facilities in China and in 2016–2019 he worked as Engineering Director in UAE, participating in designing and production of one of the biggest projects in Marinetek’s history, 6 Marinas at Deira Islands.

Henri’s main tasks today are various technical-related topics, project management, R&D, production supervision, training, sustainability projects and providing technical support for Marinetek companies.

Henri’s educational background is M. Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Jussi Boman

Engineering Director
Marinetek Group

Jussi joined Marinetek Engineering team for the first time in 2011. Since then, he has been working for a decade in various engineering roles at Marinetek and has been involved on numerous marina projects all over the world.

Jussi is an experienced marina designer and has a strong background in mechanical engineering and product design. In his current position as an Engineering Director Jussi leads the group’s global engineering network.

Before re-joining Marinetek in 2023, Jussi worked two years on mineral processing technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Ruurd van Putten

Southeast Asia
Area Director

Ruurd is a pioneer in the yachting and marina industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Since 2007, he has been involved as entrepreneur in several new and ground-breaking activities, such as starting Vietnam’s first sailing charter company, facilitation of super yacht visits, establishment of Princess Yachts Vietnam and Cambodia and the realisation of Ana Marina Nha Trang, the first marina in Vietnam.

In October 2021, Ruurd joined Marinetek as representative for Southeast Asia with the aim and commitment to develop more and better marinas and floating infrastructural projects in the region.

He is covering Southeast Asia from his base in Vietnam, which is in the middle of the emerging yachting and marina industry in this part of the world. His mission is to set and raise the standards with regard to safety, quality, durability and sustainability.

Ruurd has built an extensive network with other marine professionals and developers in this region and is often participating in yacht shows and conferences as speaker and panellist, to share his experience.


Marinetek guarantees high quality by strict in-house quality control and by working under many certifications, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 9001:2008 Quality managementISO 14001 Environmental management More information about the ISO certifications can be found from the Finnish Standards Association SFS or International Organization for Standardization