Enjoying a central seafront location in the heart of Helsinki, the Allas Sea Pool has transformed an under-used site into a recreational oasis.

Marinetek used the experience it gained in building urban swimming arenas in Gibraltar, Norway and Denmark to develop the Allas concept but broadened the scope yet further. Now fully operational, the facility offers a year-round spa, pools and saunas, as well as a floating deck with a separate lounge and sports areas. The pools are filled with either heated fresh water or filtered seawater.

Covering a total area of 2,700m², the centre has been partly built using modules. This proven formula enables Marinetek to rearrange or dismantle the pontoons to change the shape.

Three swimming pools are included in the scheme and all are embedded in a single floating platform fully decked with Finnish spruce.

The project is a perfect expression of Marinetek’s philosophy that modern waterfronts require diverse structures that serve many purposes.


Helsinki, Finland



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