Kanavalahti marina is situated in Vääksy, Asikkala, 135 km north from Helsinki.

Asikkala municipality replaced the old breakwater pontoons in 2019. The marina is exposed for north and northwest winds and waves and required better wave protection than what the old breakwater pontoons supplied.

After the installation of the new breakwater pontoon, the inner marina gives sheltered and safe mooring facilities to boats.

The marina is mainly for permanent berth owners and the new breakwater pontoons have both permanent berths on the inside of the marina and temporary berths on the outside of the pontoon for visitors.

The marina is situated on lake Päijänne which is one of the biggest lakes in Finland, offering good sailing opportunities with marina facilities up north and to east.


36 berths + temporary berths for visitors




Municipality of Asikkala

Delivered by

Marinetek Finland


Breakwater pontoons
Mooring fingers
Safety equipment and service pedestals


60 m of breakwater pontoon 4300BRK
96 m of breakwater pontoon 3300BRK