The main objective of Service Center Trogir was to position itself as the marina of the highest category in the region with superior quality services and berths for all types of vessels. After completion of the project, Marina Trogir became the first-class marina (5 anchors), with berths at sea and ashore, offering services to yachts of all sizes.

The marina has a total of 256 berths for vessels from 12 to 25 meters in length and 30 berths for large yachts from 25 to 120 meters long.

In the first phase, Marinetek installed 6 floating piers of 50 to 80 meters in length. The first five piers, starting from the east side were made of 23 Heavy Duty Pontoons, with berths for 133 vessels under 25 meters. The first pier on the west side was built with Breakwater Pontoon elements to better protect the marina.

The service cabinets on the docks were manufactured by the company Marex elektrostroj from Zadar, and each features a Smart system to follow the consumption and billing of water and electricity.

The second construction phase of the marina included the expansion of the sixth pier and the installation of the seventh breakwater pier along which lies the anchorage system for another 30 large vessels. In addition, the coastline between the new breakwater pier and Cape Čubrijan has also been renovated. This area allows mooring to 10 yachts with a total length of up to 60 meters.


180 berths for yachts up to 60 m




Servisni centar Trogir

Delivered by

Marinetek Mediterranean


Heavy Duty Pontoons
Breakwater Pontoons


Custom anchoring system to accommodate strong currents
Custom access bridges