Marinetek Finland has completed the delivery and installation of a large marina extension in Inkoo, Finland. The massive marina has now over 800 protected marina berths and the project is the largest marina project in Finland that has been completed in one phase.

The new marina consists of three main docks, the middle one of which is T-shaped with the top of the T protecting the marina basin from waves. In addition, a separate floating Breakwater pontoon unit was installed to give additional protection to the marina.

The extension of almost 500 berths consists close to 1.1 kilometers (1200 yards) of pontoons, the longest continuous dock being 200 meters (220 yards) long.

Built with the Marinetek’s massive Premier, Super Yacht and Breakwater concrete pontoons, the docks offer stabile access to the boats and secure mooring.

The berths have boat booms and walk-on fingers depending on the boat size, with side mooring options reserved for the larger vessels. The docks are equipped with power, water and light pedestals and modern safety stations.

The Inkoo marina is conveniently located in less than an hour’s drive west from the capitol city Helsinki and offers easy access to the vast archipelago on the south coast of Finland. In addition to the private berths, the marina also has 80 berths available for visitors and some rental berths.