Marinetek took part in a pontoon design project to create a special bridge for disabled access to a floating dock.

In the port facility of the Ostsee-Marine-Service in Kappeln, Germany, the existing southern dock was converted to enable use by people with restricted mobility. A custom-designed access bridge to the pontoon dock now allows access for the disabled and is currently one of a kind in the Schlei inlet.

Marinetek cooperated with Philipp Zülsdorff of Waterkant Ingenieure GbR to overcome the challenges this project presented.

In order to create the accessibility to the dock, an existing jetty had to be partly dismantled and then supplemented with a ramp construction including new floating pontoon elements.

The special challenge in this project was to develop the structure in such a way that it can adapt to the changing water levels. The moving elements of the structure couldn’t form any obstacles, and the incline of the ramp couldn’t be too great at any water level.

The goal could only be achieved by creating a floating support pontoon for the long access bridge, which can move alongside the main pontoon. A custom pile guide was developed specifically for this project. It allows the support pontoon to slide alongside the main pontoon according to the water level without sacrificing stability and safety.

The successful outcome of the project is featured in the Day of Architecture and Engineering on June 24–25, 2023 in Germany as an example of exceptional engineering to overcome a design challenge.

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