Valtteri Vauramo is a graduate engineer, and he holds a master’s degree from Helsinki University of Technology (2005) in engineering. He has 22 years of experience in the marina industry worldwide.

Valtteri is very experienced in all aspects of marina, breakwater and floating structure construction and has participated in every stage of marina development from product development to sales, production, installation and after sales.

Before leaving Finland ten years ago, Valtteri worked with Marinetek Group and Marinetek Finland for over 10 years in various roles. At Marinetek his career development followed the rapid growth of the company. At the time, Vauramo was deeply involved in all Marinetek’s marina design and construction projects.

In 2012, Valtteri relocated with his family to the United Arab Emirates to work as a Business Unit Manager for a local marina construction company. In 2020 Vauramo relocated again, this time to Australia’s Gold Coast where he worked as General Manager and Senior Engineer at a local marina company, rotomoulding company and industrial floatation branch.

After living for over ten years as an expatriate, Vauramo has now returned home to Finland.

“We are really happy to have Valtteri on board with us with his wide knowledge on marina business & technology and his excellent personal touch. He will be a vital part of the next steps of Marinetek” says Santeri Suoranta, CEO of Marinetek Group

Valtteri brings a wealth of international experience in the marina construction business back to Marinetek, and the ten years spent overseas have well prepared him for any possible challenges the industry can provide.

Markku Rantanen, Managing Director of Marinetek Finland: “I’ve worked with Valtteri before, and we did some great things together. I am very excited to work with him again and get some awesome things done again!”