The beautiful Marina ACI Slano is located just 37 km from Dubrovnik and covers an area of 66,279 square meters. It has moorings for 190 vessels of length between 8 and 20 meters and piers and breakwaters with a total length of 688 meters. After the completion of the main works on the mainland, Marinetek joined in with the construction works of the maritime part that involved the installation of floating breakwaters and piers, electrical installations, water supply, and hydrant grid and anchor system for the vessels.

The surface of all pontoons piers is covered with exotic wood, which gives the marina an exceptional and exclusive look.

For this project, Marinetek produced and delivered 9 Heavy Duty Pontoons, 20 All Concrete Pontoons, and 16 Breakwater Pontoons that formed 5 piers.

The installation of the pontoons and the mooring system was entrusted to the company Hidroinženjering from Rijeka, an experienced team specialized in underwater works. The construction and delivery of service cabinets were arranged by another manufacturer from Croatia – company Marex elektrostroj from Zadar.

The special feature of this project is the anchoring of breakwater elements at depths of up to 20 m and the optimization and flexible anchoring of ships by the needs of the marina, depending on whether it is a constant annual mooring station or for transit ships. Despite the considerable depth, all piers are anchored with a chain, catenary standard system. Since most of the area is relatively shallow, the marina had to be deepened to a depth of at least 3 meters.


190 berths for vessels up to 24 m




ACI Club dd Opatija

Delivered by

Marinetek Mediterranean


All-Concrete Pontoons
Breakwater Pontoons