The city of Karlstad is located on the north shore of Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden, right at the mouth of the Klaraälven river, which creates a delta with many waterways within the city. The municipality of Karlstad has invested in well-being of the citizens and built a nice swimming arena at the Örsholmen Lake. The Marinetek Multipontoons that were used to build the arena are anchored so that no concrete anchors are under the pontoons, thus minimizing the risk for swimmers who jump in to hit them.

The area is accessable for disabled with a gangway access into the water with wheelchair and a lift to assist access into the water. There is also an additional jumping platform anchored on the lake outside the arena.

Key requirements for these public docks are long lifespan and minimal need for maintenance. The floating arena installation can be on the water year round even in the ice.

Örsholmen swimming arena has been immensely popular with great number of daily visitors all summer long.


Karlstad Municipality


2021, extended in 2022


Multipontoon pontoons, total 50 x 25 m

Delivered by

Marinetek Sweden


25 m swimming area outside for adults, inside area for kids and swimming schools
Access slip for disabled
5 x 5 bath platform with 1–3 m jump tower