Marina Agana is located in the central part of Dalmatia, halfway between Split and Šibenik, and offers a safe and peaceful place with a lot of services that provide boaters a comfortable stay. This marina has 134 berths divided into 6 piers with a total length of 470 m which are equipped to accommodate boats up to a maximum length of 25 m.

Due to all pontoon elements and equipment dilapidation, Marinetek has replaced all existing floating piers with new concrete pontoons with additional equipment, cleats, wooden bumpers and access bridges. In addition to replacing the complete pontoon system, in cooperation with the company Dubina Inženjering from Split and Elektrolux TS from Šibenik, the installation of anchoring systems piers and vessels, and the construction of a new water supply network and electrical installation was completed.

Along with standard concrete anchor blocks, in smaller depths, we used geotechnical anchors to meet the requrements for boat sizes and capacity. Another special solution is the anchoring system of pier “V” which is placed in a parallel line with the mound-breakwater and anchored by a system of steel galvanized carriers and with diagonal stainless steel cables to take over the longitudinal forces. Steel supporters are fastened on land with pre-made concrete reinforcements, and on the pontoon with special receptors that were built into the pontoon during production.

For the anchoring system of vessels, we used standard quarter mooring. In line with the needs of the planned vessels and the existing network capacities, a new project for electricity distribution on the piers was created.

Also, new service cabinets (type Tango) with adequate connections were installed.


134 berths




Jahting Sport Agana d.o.o

Delivered by

Marinetek Mediterranean




Dismantling and replacing old piers and equipment.
A system of galvanized steel carriers.