A communal port with a pier on the main stem of the Danube River, directly downstream from the confluence of river Vuka, where the moorings for 140 vessels of up to 12 meters in length were formed.

The mooring for the boats is provided on both sides of the main pontoon, which runs parallel to the shoreline, and is divided into 4 segments and connected by associated footbridges. The angled mooring fingers have been mounted pointing slightly downstream at 70° angle from the main dock to create less resistance to the river flow.

The second pontoon gate, which is 60 meters long was set up as protection from alluvium and ice, and it also serves as a base for a 27.5-meter-long bridge.

Since the marina is located on the Danube River, with more than six meters of water level fluctuation, it was necessary to design and implement a suitable and secure anchoring for the entire structure. The installation of the pontoon was carried out by mounting 27 steel pilots with an external diameter of 508 mm and a wall thickness of 25 mm. The pilots are made of corrosion resistant steel, while the pilot’s interior is filled with concrete for additional strength. The overall height of the pilots is 23.6 metres. The pontoons are mounted on pilots with special clamps with sliding elements to ensure the unobstructed lifting and lowering of the gates at maximum load.


140 berths




Port Authority Vukovar

Delivered by

Marinetek Mediterranean


All-Concrete Pontoons


Steel pilots to accommodate river level fluctuations
27.5 m long access bridge