Ocean Village & Marina Bay & Super Yacht Marinas are situated around the new residental area in Gibraltar. New apartment buildings are built on a platform with piling foundation. The marinas were installed in different phases in 2020–2022.

Marina Bay was completely refurbished. The fixed piers were demolished and replaced with new pontoons and finger moorings for the yachts.

Ocean Village and Super Yacht Marinas extended the berthing capacity in the area with new moorings for Super Yachts up to 100 m.

The new residence area and new marinas with high quality services is Gibraltar´s most desirable visiting point for yachts and tourists.


200 berths




Marina Club (Ocean Village) Limited

Delivered by

Marinetek Finland


All Concrete pontoons
Premier pontoons
Mooring fingers up to 18 m and safety equipment


Super Yacht Pontoon width of 6 m and freeboard 0.7 m with special removable pile anchoring system.
20 m long access bridge combining the floating marina office to super yacht marina.