Porto Uš, located to the southeast of the town of Korčula, is where some 90 boats up to 12 meters long have found their safe berth. The outside of the breakwater offers additional mooring for larger vessels during the summer season.

The new harbor consists of a 100-meter-long floating breakwater, located on the northeast coast of the harbor, and two 60-meter-long floating docks, placed in the protected area. Access to the breakwater is provided by a bridge from the shore, and the docks are accessible by bridges from the breakwater. The piers are anchored with a chain system and anchor blocks, and for all moored vessels, a standard four-berth system with two anchor lines for each vessel was set up.

As the harbor itself is naturally well protected, type M3820BR breakwaters were used to form the breakwater, and 2.7 m wide Marinetek Heavy Duty pontoons M2715HD were used for the interior docks. The entire project was completed in just three months, to the satisfaction of investors and the local population.


90 small boats + 20 vessels on visitor berths




Port Authority of Korčula

Delivered by

Marinetek Mediterranean


Breakwater Pontoons
Heavy Duty Pontoons


Steel Access Bridges
Portable wastewater pump