Marinetek completes community marina in central Dubrovnik


Boaters living in and around Croatia’s famous city of Dubrovnik can now moor their vessels in a new public boat harbour. Batala Marina, completed in two phases by Marinetek NCP, is part of an urban development plan to revitalise the coastline of Gruz Harbour, which sits 2km northwest of the 16th century walls of the old city.

A very important City project, Batala embodies the County Port Authority’s vision for meeting the berthing demands of local boat owners, many of whom have tied up at swing moorings for years. The new marina, with stable and maintenance-free Marinetek floating Heavy Duty concrete pontoons, offers around 500 secure berths giving the City not only one of the most modern marinas in Croatia but a true community boating hub.

As main contractor, Marinetek built and supplied six piers with a total length of 600m. For the first phase, the company focused on a 100m long pier designed for the first 60 boats, and in phase two delivered and installed four further piers and a breakwater pontoon with inner berths. All pontoons are securely and safely anchored using the Seaflex elastic mooring system with reinforced concrete anchor blocks.

Batala Marina has been long awaited. First planned in 2012, it was subject to many permits and environmental impact assessments and, as it forms part of an ongoing plan to rebuild coastal promenades, cannot as yet have a permanent pontoon access arrangement. “Until the coastal works are complete, we have installed galvanised steel bridges to connect the shore with the piers,” explains Marinetek NCP Managing Director Boris Miskic. “The bridges have, however, been greeted with enthusiasm by both local people and Dubrovnik tourists who use them as perfect platforms for taking photos!” he adds.

With or without cameras in hand, local people have described the new marina as excellent, says Zeljko Dadic, Principal of the Port Authority. “We now have the most beautiful community harbour in the entire Adriatic in the centre of our city and it satisfies the needs of local people and the County Port Authority. We are very satisfied with Marinetek’s work, with no delays in delivery or installation of the pontoons. All was completed within the planned deadlines.”

“The new marina is very well integrated within the site of the city’s port, and its users – the owners of small boats – are especially satisfied with the safety and organisation offered by the new piers,” notes Boris Miskic. “With this project, Marinetek has gained another important reference in southern Croatia and the city administration has made good on a promise it made to its citizens.”

Since its establishment in 2005, Marinetek NCP has grown steadily and built 94 marina projects in the Adriatic and Mediterranean area. During its record year of 2017 Marinetek NCP completed Portonovi Marina in Montenegro and delivered pontoons to marinas such as Vrnaža Bay in Sibenik, Marina Bakarac in Kraljevica, and Mali Lošinj and Kornati Marina in Biograd.