Monaco superyachts tie up at Marinetek Pontoons


In order to offer visitor berths for larger yachts in the heart of 700-berth Port Hercule, Ports de Monaco has turned to Marinetek for another specially designed superyacht pontoon. The project is part of an extensive upgrade of the Quai des États Unis that has involved rebuilding and re-equipping its entire quay wall.

Port Hercule, positioned in a well protected natural bay with some of the deepest water on the French Riviera, is a magnet for the sleek and the chic. When you think Monaco, you also think of the on-site Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix, whose iconic Formula 1 course and famous chicane runs virtually on top of the quay wall. As such, Port Hercule soaks up media attention, and enjoys an influx of ever larger luxury boats whose owners are eager to see and be seen.

The Marinetek solution will become the fourth pontoon system it has delivered for Ports de Monaco, replacing a 6m wide x 64m long ‘U Pontoon’, installed in 2010. The old U Pontoon will now be relocated to Port Fontvieille, which is the second port in Monaco. The new U Pontoon will be an eye-catcher – positioned slightly further west of the stunning Yacht Club de Monaco and, at 120m, nearly double the length of its predecessor.

“This is another exceptional showcase for our top of the line pontoons and a great endorsement of our ability to meet challenging technical specifications,” said Kristian Räme of Marinetek. “There was serious competition for this contract and we are delighted to continue the great cooperation with Ports de Monaco and once again deliver a world class product that will become part of the scenery at this major luxury yacht hub,” he added.

The U Pontoon is being manufactured at Marinetek’s factory in Croatia using six 5m wide x 20m long Super Yacht floating concrete pontoons secured with exceptionally large sinker anchors for strong, stable asymmetrical mooring; all 13 available yacht berths (6 x 50m, 1 x 40m, 5 x 30m and 1 x 18m) are on one side. Two separate 80m berths run alongside but are not connected to the pontoon.

The sinkers, chains and entire mooring system will be installed on the seabed before the pontoons arrive so as to take advantage of a very tight window of opportunity, when the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix ends in May, to disconnect, remove and relocate the existing pontoon and ship in, install and connect the new model.

“It will be a great asset for Port Hercule,” commented Daniel Realini, Deputy Executive Director of Ports de Monaco. “We are very pleased to be working with Marinetek again as we’ve been very happy with the quality and performance of our existing pontoons and with the after sales service and support. I look forward to seeing visiting boats moored up at U Pontoon in the early summer.”