The Allas Sea Pool showcases Marinetek’s diverse design and construction know-how

Allas, currently under construction next to the Market Square in the heart of Helsinki, will soon offer a refreshing recreational oasis to Helsinki’s inhabitants and travellers visiting the city. Allas is a great example of a project that combines a new type of exciting urban culture and brings added value to seafront properties that have gone underused until now. Marinetek is heavily involved in the construction of Allas. “We are happy to participate in a project that will offer exciting experiences both to the city’s inhabitants and tourists experiencing Helsinki for the first time. We hope that our project will promote the transformation of Helsinki’s beachfront and speed up its development for urban recreational purposes,” says Markku Rantanen, Senior Partner at Marinetek.

Marinetek has built urban seawater pools e.g. in Gibraltar, Norway and Denmark. However, the scope of the project to build Allas in Helsinki is unique in many ways. When finished, the structure will feature a year-round spa, pools and saunas, as well as a floating deck with a separate lounge and sports areas. Its floating swimming pools will use a mixture of heated municipal water and filtered seawater. “We decided to utilise a modular construction that has been proved to stand the test of time. It also means we can rearrange the pontoons to modify the floating structure, or dismantle it and reuse the parts in a different project,” says Markku Rantanen.

Timo Urala, Marinetek’s lead designer, is the other architectural planner of Allas. He stresses the importance of building diverse structures that serve many needs, and thinks it’s important to look at the big picture instead of a single source of income. “Modern seashore recreational areas should answer the diverse needs of many different users: the city’s inhabitants, tourist groups and local businesses. The days of building something that will serve only the needs of recreational boaters are behind us. Revitalising this district requires not only a strong overall vision but lots of experience in building technically challenging structures. The client and supplier both need to approach a new kind of project with open minds. It takes bravery to tackle something like this.”

Quick facts: Helsinki Allas Sea Pool

  • Total area: 83 m x 33 m
  • Three swimming pools: 25 m x 15 m heated sweet water pool, 17 m x 11 m heated kids’ pool and 25 m x 12 m sea water pool
  • All of the pools are embedded in a single platform covered with wooden deck boards
  • Floating, modular construction with pontoons made from heavy concrete and steel with pole anchors
  • A 33×22 m double hull steel pontoon houses the largest freshwater pool and all pool equipment

Photos: Sami Pitkänen and